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  • #18 Tinder Daters

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    While not Atlanta specific, over the past few years Tinder has managed to position itself as the official norm of effortless dating which of course fully benefits Atlanta women, since Atlanta men or any men for that matter do not reap the same benefits of the social app. The way the app works is simple. You simply […] More

  • #17 “The Home Body”

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    When an Atlanta woman considers herself to be a homebody, what she’s really telling you is that she goes out at least three days a week but not on weekends. In her mind, this automatically one-ups you, upon meeting for the first time and casually discussing your interests. While most Atlanta women would prefer to escape with their […] More

  • #16 Cougars

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    Atlanta has it’s fair share of women in their late 30′s and early 40′s, who periodically prey on young unsuspecting tenderloins with no strings attached. Dating younger men became popular somewhere in between the release of the cult classic “American Pie” movies, which are ultimately responsible for coining the low brow term “M.I.L.F” (mom I’d […] More

  • #15 Tyler Perry Fans

    Tyler Perry is an actor, director and screen playwright who released his first film titled “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” in 2005 with a budget of approximately $5.5 million dollars. After having successfully grossed over $50 million dollars domestically with the film, Tyler Perry soon realized the profitability involved in bashing Atlanta men. His […] More

  • #14 “Christian Minglers”

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    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a belief in a higher power but there is something wrong with mentioning that belief on the first date. While they have good intentions most Atlanta women who do this are usually either a) women that are uninterested and will do anything to rid themselves of unwanted dinner guests […] More

  • #13 “Sports Fanatics”

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    There are three things that you’ll notice upon attending any Atlanta Falcons game here in Atlanta. The first is that the Falcons are probably losing. This is especially true if the Falcons are in the playoffs and Matt Ryan is in the game, holding anything that remotely resembles a football. The second is that nearly […] More

  • #12 “Women That Aren’t Looking for Anything ‘Too Serious'”

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    After years of dating and countless failed relationships, most Atlanta women will eventually come to terms with the harsh realities of the current dating scene. To any man that’s willing to listen, they’ll openly state that they aren’t looking for anything “too serious,” but proceed with caution. When an Atlanta woman tells you this, your […] More

  • #10 “Women Addicted to Social Media”

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    Atlanta women have a unique way of communicating and exchanging messages called social networking. As an Atlanta male, you should be well versed in the art of both Facebook, Twitter and Emojis since the days of communicating via the spoken English language are over. Everyday greetings that we all take for granted such as “Hello” […] More

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